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Updated September 1st, 2011 - Check out the Recipe Section as well for some great new recipes and while there read about gift ideas you can make from your kitchen and how to pack and ship your upcoming holiday goodies too. All sorts of hints and tips also!Holiday Section has been reopened. Cards, backgrounds, recipes, Holiday musical pages with words & music, java cards.

Hi! Welcome to I_want's Domain. My name is Vickie and I hope you enjoy your time at my personal website. This site actually consists of many different sites combined. Each in it's own distinct section. Below you will find buttons for each site and a description beside it of what is there for you.

This site is always a work in progress as any ongoing site is. Keep coming back, there's usually something new.

If you would like updates on this site there is a TOPICA list subscribe icon on each of my main pages here. And please, let me know you were here and what you thought of the site by signing my guestbook before you leave. Take care and I hope you enjoy your visit to I_want's Domain.

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*note* The "Email this page to a friend" button is no longer working. Sorry. The company went belly up. I will be trying to get to this site on a more regular pace and remove it from all the pages.


I_want's Kinder/Gentler Site

This is what has become known as my "PURPLE SITE". It's a "kinder/gentler" place on the web. Included here you will find Awards I Give, A bit about me, Classic and my own Poetry, Webmaster help, Fun things to do, A Sentimental Side including verses, quotes & special occasions. Links, virus info, applets and much, much more :-)

I_want's Graphics Site

This is my "GRAPHICS SITE". Part of my 'creative side'. On this site you will find UNIQUE border sets, backgrounds and desktops. Unique because most the border sets are made with photos I've taken over time as well as all the desktops available. There are many to choose from. These are linkware. You may also purchase complete sets. Some sets are also available in Dutch & Norwegian. :-)

I_want's ICQ/Email Sendables

This is my "ICQ/EMAIL SENDABLES SITE". Here you will find over 150 wonderful pages that you can send either through ICQ or Email to friends, loved ones and family. Some have applets and/or music and are marked. Feel free to share these. Many different verses and occasions. :-))


  I_want's Recipe Section

This is my "RECIPES" Section. Here you will find lots of great recipes to try. Some are my own, some handed down through generations of my family and other found in great cookbooks. I will be adding to this new section on a regular basis since I'm always asked for my recipes from friends. Feel free to share these. I finally decided it was easier to make a section for them then always retyping and emailing them out. Includes Holiday Ideas, Diabetic/Heart healthy Recipes, regular recipes, Shipping and packing ideas, gift ideas, cookies only section, etc. :-))

I_want's Music Section

This is my "MUSIC SITE". Here you will find about 100 great songs that you can listen to. There are 3 sections, 50's-60's-70's & a section for 80's & above and a misc section. (no mp3's)



I_want's Photography Site

This is the other part of my 'creative side'. My "PHOTOGRAPHY SITE". These pictures were all taken by me over the years and are some of my favourites. Most were taken in and around Toronto. There are florals, nature, the elements, U of T, Parliament Buildings and a wide assortment of other pics to view. This is a site to relax at. There is very little text on this site. Hope you enjoy :-))

I_want's Kids Section

This is my new "KIDS SITE". This is a new section started March 24th, 2002. It's full of links to some of the best kids sites on the net. Plus, there are 15 different games there to play. I had a blast making this site, both going to the websites and playing the games. "Bubbles" is addictive!



I_want's HTML Section

This is my "HTML SITE". Or better known as my "blonde instructions to HTML". This section is just beginning but I do plan to add more to it. Take a look if you need some simple and direct explanations or tips.



X-mas/holiday section

This is my 'HOLIDAY SITE'. There are holiday cards to send to everyone. 48 of them. Also Xmas borders I've made, a few cookie recipes, music & lyrics to holiday songs as well.



I_want's Valentines Section

This is my "VALENTINE'S SECTION". There are lots of special valentines to send from this section and even some backgrounds I've made you can use.



"US Tribute" My sincerest condolences to all over the act of war perpetrated on the United States of America on September 11th, 2001. To my family, friends and loved ones in the States, you are all in my heart and thoughts. See this section including gifs, links, emerg numbers, how you can help, pics, etc..


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Marked pages are 2011 vjr All Rights Reserved. With the size of my websites I am finding it increasingly difficult each year to put the correct copyright year on each page. There are over 800 of them in all now on my combined sites. Therefore, this statement (of copyrighted years) includes any and all pages that are marked with my copyright or on here.

If you wish to join my updates list please do it from these Topica list subscribe forms you will find on all my main pages. Please do not submit to any 'listbot' ones you may find on my other pages as they no longer work. It will take me some time to remove them all from my site. Thank you. :-)
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On March 15th, 2002 this website hit the "over one million individual hits a year" mark :-). On April 6th, 2003 I checked my stats again and found over 2,700,000 individual hits for the entire site the last year! By early 2005 it's over 4 million and it's still going and going :-)

This domain created May 25th, 2000
Updated September 1st, 2011 - Holiday Section has been reopened. Cards, backgrounds, recipes, Holiday musical pages with words & music, java cards. Don't forget to check out the Recipe Section I've recently added new recipes, as well for some great recipes and gift ideas you can make from your kitchen. Also how to pack and ship your holiday goodies too. All sorts of hints and tips too!

For complete updates always see my "Purple" section.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I have used some backgrounds and some gifs here on my pages that have been found through hours of searchs on the internet. I can't remember where they all came from. Although I tried to use only ones that came from public domain and with permission to use them freely, if you find one of your backgrounds or gifs here please let me know and I will give you credit and a link back to your page. Thank you.

Canadian eh?

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