You have all these wonderful cookies made.. now how do you package them or ship them? Here are some ideas...

LETS START WITH PLANNING WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BAKE! You can turn out many batches of one kind of cookie, or you can bake a wide selection. I suggest you choose a few different cookies with different flavours. Possibly 3 or 4 different cookies. You'll be overwhelmed if you do more at first. You can always make another selection after these are done if you still have the time and ambition.



If you are shipping cookies, here's how to ensure that they reach their destination without crumbling. Cut parchment or tissue paper into 5 or 6 inch squares. Place 2 of the same kind of cokkie back to back and wrap each pair individually in one of the squares.

Pack the wrapped cookies snugly but not too tightly in a rigid container, and fill empty spaces with nuts, shelled or not, popcorn, or crumpled pieces of tissue paper. Hint.. you know all that tissue paper you get your gifts wrapped with? Save it. It is already crumpled and saves you buying more for packing the next year! I just flatten it out and fold it and put it all in a gift bag and store it away for next year. lol What the heck? Cheaper than going out and buying new tissue paper only to ball it up and stuff parcels with it.

Another thing I've used to pack boxes with is shredded paper. I have a shredder and many people at offices do. I had a bunch of colourful papers that had been shredded. I went to empty the shredder basket, took one look and thought.. hey! lol You got it. I used it to pack a box with and it looked great! haha Great for filling in all those corners and small places too.

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