This is another one of my recipes and a big one. It is also one you will have to adjust to your own taste spice wise but I will give you the ingredients. You can use canned tomatoes or the equavilant portion size of your own. This is a great meal for a cold night. It really warms you up inside. And yes, we like it hot and spicy in this family. Even the kids eat this.. lol


4 lbs of lean or extra lean ground beef
5 large (28 oz) cans of chopped tomatoes
6 onions chopped
2 large (28 oz) cans of red kidney beans
1/4 cup of chili powder
black pepper
cayenne pepper
cajun spice mixture
and a few dashes of 3 pepper hot sauce

- you are going to need a very big pot for this. Like a soup/stock pot.

- cook your ground beef. Once it is cooked put it in a strainer and the strainer in the sink and run hot water over it to remove some of the remaining fat from it. It does not kill the taste, just makes for less fat including any grease in the pot from cooking it.

While you are cooking the ground beef cut up your onions and open any cans you need.

Once the beef is ready.... in the soup/stock pot dump 1/2 of the tomatoes. Then start adding the spices. I put about a tablespoon of the black pepper in there (don't forget this is a big recipe), maybe a tablespoon of paprika, teaspoon of cajun spice mix, a teaspoon of cayenne and the chili powder. This will make this really dark, don't worry.

Next, add the rest of the tomatoes, the red kidney beans , the onions (no, they are not cooked first) and mix again. Then finally the ground beef into it. Stir and get it all mixed in well.

Cover and bring to a boil, then turn it down and simmer it for at least an hour & a half. Be sure to check it now and then to see if it needs to be turned down more and give it a stir too so it doesn't stick if your pot has that tendency.

If you like, when serving this you can cook some kind of macaroni and add it to the chili. It's good and an inexpensive way to make it go even further.

This is freezable!

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