This is another great recipe for a basket gift. You can put this in a large (1 litre) or medium (500 ml) canning jar or decorative tin. For this instance I made 3 batches and came out with 10 decorative cello bags of this very addictive snack mix for approx. $1.22 each. Break down of costs are below. I used my diningroom table to cool this all on but since my table is solid teak I took great pains to protect it. I always have a clear plastic tablecover over my table for protection of the wood and on this I put a very thick, very large bath towel. Then the waxed paper over that. I also turned the ceiling fan above it on high.


5 Tablespoons of butter or margarine
1/3 cup sugar
2 teaspoons Maple Flavor
8 cups Crispex
1 cup stick pretzels
1 cup peanuts

Melt the margarine with sugar and maple flavoring.


  drizzle about 1/4 of the hot liquid ingredients over at a time

Pour about a 1/4 of the liquid mixture at a time, stirring in between each time, over the Crispex to coat them, then cook in the microwave 4 & a 1/2 minutes on high - stirring every minute. Believe it or not, this can burn so don't walk away too far from it.





  Pour the cooked crispex into a very large bowl then add pretzels & nuts & mix well together.


  Spread out one batch over 3 pieces of waxed paper

Tear off 3 pieces of waxed paper and lay out on the table. Pour out 1/3 of the mix per piece of waxed paper. You must spread it out on the waxed paper. This is the key because it will stick together if you don't do this.




  approx. 1/3 of a batch

This is approx. 1/3 of a single batch.









  all ready to go in the baskets

This is the end result when it is put in cute decorative holiday bags wrapped with curling ribbon.









  Not only is the taste of this one addicting, but it's fast and easy to make!


Price breakdown for making 3 batches which yielded 10 decorative bags of the snack mix:

cereal: I purchased 2 boxes (350 grams each) at $2.98 each. I used almost both boxes leaving about enough to have a couple of bowls for breakfast left over. If you can find a store brand of this type of cereal it will reduce the cost even more.

maple flavour: $1.50 worth. I purchased one bottle of maple extract (43 ml @ $2.99) and I used a half of the bottle

white sugar: I figure this probably cost approx. .25 cents worth of sugar

pretzels: I purchased a store brand 250 gram bag for .77 cents and used it all.

butter: I figure I used approx. .75 cents worth of butter

peanuts: $1.50 - I purchase a bag (500 grams - $1.99 ) which yeilded 4 cups of peanuts for this so I had one cup left over for something else later.

decorative bags & ribbon: $1.45 These particular bags were $3.49 for 24 bags. I used 10 of them. Then a bit of the easy curl ribbon.

I ended up with 10 bags of this snack mix for around $12.18.

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