This is my mom's own recipe for macaroni tuna salad. I am not a seafood person and this is the only way I will eat tuna. It is great. This makes a fair batch and is good for get togethers or on those hot summer days when all you want is cold foods for a couple of days. Good to snack on too.


Miracle Whip (I use Presidents Choice light whipped dressing but this may be a Cdn product. Use the Miracle Whip Lite, it is just as good and less fat)
2 cans of tuna (I use flaked light tuna in water - DRAINED)
celery - a couple of nice sized stalks sliced thin
green onions - to your liking (I use an entire bunch)
garlic powder (not garlic salt)
onion powder (not onion salt)
celery salt (powder if you can get it but not likely)
macaroni (any kind - I mix them, sprials and shells, etc.)

- cook macaroni - cool

- throw in Miracle whip... make it a bit on the wet side because this soaks in overnight

- toss in celery & green onion and mix again

- spices... these are to your taste but don't be shy either. mix and taste.... if something is missing it is usually the garlic powder and add a bit more. mix and taste again.

- toss in the flaked tuna. mix. taste again. If it is how you like it then if you can wait, put it in containers in the fridge overnight. It is better the next day.

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