This is just another quickie page with some helpful hints on it but this time for around the home. Some you may use, some you may not. Just things I've found that may help make life a bit easier.


Storage Solutions

Do you lack storage room? Here are a couple of ideas.

Your bed: Raise it six inches to allow a large amount of under-bed storage. You can't see the items if you purchase a longer bed skirt. You can store extra blankets, gifts, videos and wrapping paper under the bed. You can purchase 'under the bed' rolling storage containers if you wish. These are great and relatively inexpensive when on sale so watch for sales. You can also purchase 'space bags'. These are plastic zipped bags for things like sweaters/blankets etc. You can find these on sale at times also and sometimes blankets you buy already come in them.

You can purchase a large quantity of file boxes (with lids) and use these to store items in the garage. They sit right on top of each other nicely. (Sometimes these kinds of boxes can be picked up at work depending on where you work.) They are easily labeled and keep most of the things that they are storing dust free. These boxes can hold books, old clothing, old toys, seasonal decorations, and craft supplies. Remember to put the heavier boxes on the bottom of the pile.


Date Stamp Items for future need:

When you buy an appliance or large item, take a small piece of masking tape and jot down the month and year of purchase and place it in an inconspicuous place on the item (like on the back). It's amazing how quickly we forget about exactly when the purchase was made. This is helpful if you require the information for insurance purposes (warranty, etc.)

Look in 'Consumer Reports' and you can find an outline which lists the average life expectancy for appliances. According to this outline, a carefully cared for 40-year-old GE stove can be 25 years overdue for replacement. Could its long life be due to the care that you have given it? When you see that the dryer was bought new in 1986 and died in 2003, you don't even bother with what will be expensive repairs. Instead, you replace it. Not only for the savings (it may cost you as much for a new appliance as it will to fix a very old one) but also for greater energy efficiency. This will save you money on electricity bills.

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