In this section you'll find ideas for "Gifts in a Jar". I have found that these kinds of gifts are a wonderful idea for most any occasion but are extremely handy during the holidays. The majority of these can be made inexpensively, for example the cappuccino in a jar I can make for less than $3.00 a jar full! And these are such a treat to the receiver. A terrific 'extra' for them and at least half the work is already done if not all of it when you take the drink mixes into consideration. These are also great 'bazaar' sellers for trying to raise funds whether for a charity or for your holidays.


" Cappuccino In A Jar "
pics included
" Cocoa Mix "
" Spice Cocoa Mix "
" Spiced Tea Mix "
" Diet Hot Chocolate Mix "
" Italian Orange Cappuccino Mix "
" Cafe Vienna Mix "
" Frosty Swiss Mint Mix "
" French Silk Mocha Mix "
" Cinnamon Spiced Coffee Mix "
" Roman Mocha Espresso
Coffee Mix "
" Cafe Rue d'Madelaine Coffee Mix "
" Mocha Coffee Gift Mix "
" Amaretto-Cinnamon
Coffee Creamer Mix "
" Orange Spiced Coffee Mix "
" Minted Cocoa Coffee Mix "
" Rich Cocoa Mix "
" for future use "
" for future use "
" for future use "
" for future use "
" for future use "



" Brownie Mix In A Jar "
" Butterscotch Brownie"
" Classic Snack Mix In A Jar "
" Corn Bread Mix in a Jar "
" Oatmeal Raisin Cookie"
" Peanut Butter Cookie "
" Sinful Fudge Brownie"
" Trail Cookie Mix"
" M & M Cookie Mix "
" Layered Dry Cookie Mix "
" for future use "
" for future use "

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"10 Tips to Cookie Success"
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"Glazes and Icings"
" Trimming Cookies "
" Packing & Shipping Cookies "

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