How does a deep rich dark chocolate, heart shaped cake smothered in a rich ganache and cherries sound? This cake is not as difficult as it looks and is a wonderful treat for that someone special. It's made with everything already store bought and then just put together. The ganache is a 'cheat' recipe as well. This is perfect for Valentines or any other special time or just a treat.

1 Dark Chocolate or Swiss Chocolate (whichever you like best) cake mix. I prefer Duncan Hines brand but use whatever you normally use.
eggs & oil (for cake mix)
1 package of dark chocolate chips
cream (I use 1/2 & 1/2)
1 can of cherry pie filling (I usually use E.D. Smith brand)
You'll also need 2 heart shaped baking tins for this and wire racks to cool the cakes on and a long serated knife.

1. Take your 2 heart shaped tins and grease and flour them to ready them for the cake mix.

2. Make your cake mix up according to the directions on the box and divide it into the heart shaped tins evenly.

heart shaped cake tins

Bake as per the directions on the cake box. When your cakes are finished remove them from the oven and put them on the racks to cool.

cool cakes on wire racks

3. Once the cakes are cool you are going to have to trim them because cakes rise and you need to stack these on top of each other so you need a FLAT surface on at least one of them. - Take a long serated knife and gently trim the top of the cake so it's level as in the pic below.

trim the cake so it's level

Get a cake plate or you can make your own out of foil covered cardboard.

Now it's time to start to put the cake together.

4. Put one layer of the heart shaped cake on the cakeboard.

5. Open the can of cherry pie filling and spoon a small portion on top of that single layer. Spread it around, it doesn't need to be thick, and not right to the edge.

6. Once that is done, gently put the second layer on top of it as in the pic below.

first layer of cake      stack layers of cake with filling in between

Now is the time for the Ganache. This is really a cheaters recipe but it works and tastes great. Sometimes I just need 'fast & easy' and this is it.

- take 8 liquid ounces of cream (half & half - the kind you use for your coffee - 10% BF) and put it in a small pot and heat on the stove. Do Not boil!! Just until little bubbles start to form.

scald cream

While you are doing this melt the chocolate by putting 7 ounces of the chocolate chips into a large bowl and microwave them according to the directions on the package.

melt chocolate     melted chocolate for ganache

Once it's melted, stir it so it's smooth.

When the cream and chocolate are both ready you need to mix the cream into the chocolate - not the other way around. Do this while it's all still pretty warm and stir it well while you are adding the cream. This will make my 'cheaters' ganache.

Pour the ganache over the cake and use a spatula (like in the photo above) to smooth the ganache over the cake. Push some of it over the edges so it goes down the sides. This does not need to be perfect.

Last thing to do is take the remaining cherry pie filling and put it on top of the chocolate ganache.

Here is how your cake will look:

chocolate cherry double layer heart shaped cake that can be made for Valentines too!

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