I gave you the recipe for this wonderful fragrant coffee mix on the previous page . I did this very inexpensively, around $3.00 per jar. You may be able to do it for less even. I have put my cost breakdown at the bottom of this page. Each year at Christmas it has become a tradition for me to give baskets of goodies to family and friends. This year this is going into the basket as well as small cakes, cookies and other delights. This entire gift idea took approx. a couple of hours from start to finish at the most. I was doing other things while doing this so I don't have an exact time for you but it was quick and easy for a dozen nice gifts.

what you need to get started

In this picture is almost everything you will need to do this gift. You will need 12 sixteen ounce canning jars (500 ml each). A glue gun, approx. 3 glue sticks, a dozen Christmas paper doilies, some Christmas type ribbon, tiny ornaments (the little red things in the pic are tiny metalic red bows), and a pair of sissors to cut the ribbon. Warning: glue guns are very hot and can burn the skin easily. Since you are using doilies in this be very watchful as the glue can seep out those little holes. If you have a child 'helping' you, NEVER let a child anywhere near the hot glue gun.





To start, wash your dozen canning jars and make sure they are well dried. Have your coffee mix ready ahead. I did a double lot at a time to fill the jars.

gluing the doily on

Take the ringed lid and put a small spot of hot glue gun glue in four places. Have your doily ready and center it on top of the ring.






  putting the doily with the lid.

Turn the ring with the doily glued on it, upside down (as in the one on the right). Next you are going to hot glue the doily down in four places on the sides of the ring as in the one on the left in the picture.






  next step

Once the doily is affixed to the ring of the lid, put it on the jar and you are ready to add the little details.






  wrapping holiday ribbon/cord around

Now it's time for the holiday ribbon/cord. Measure the ribbon by wrapping it around the top of the jar and then leaving a few more inches on each end. Hold the ribbon in half and put a dot of hot glue when the center of the ribbon is. Affix this to the back. Be sure this is all glued on the lid of the jar, not below it! On either side it's a good idea to hot glue it as well and then again in the front as shown in the picture.



  finished product

After the step above you just have to add your little extra touches. In my case, those little red metalic bows were hot glued on.






The end result. 12 gifts for about $3.00 each.

12 great inexpensive gifts

My Cost Breakdown

1 jumbo jar of store brand instant coffee = $6.00
1 jumbo can of store brand powdered chocolate mix $7.00
1 jumbo bottle of store brand powdered coffee creamer $4.00
cinnamon already in the house, approx. .50 cents worth
sugar already in the house, approx. $1.00
one dozen canning jars $7.00
4 rolls of ribbon $4.00
1 package of 34 little red metalic bows $1.00
1 package of 12 paper doilies $1.00

taking into consideration taxes and such on the doilies, ribbon, bows and jars this all came to approx. $35.00 probably. Divide that by 12 gifts and it's under $3.00 per gift. If you are really strapped for the holidays this is a great way to go.

I bought store brand products as when they are all mixed like this you don't need name brand products. This tastes wonderful. I shop at Loblaws or No Frills and purchased "Presidents Choice" brand products. For the ribbon, bows and doilies I shopped at the local $1.00 store. The canning jars I picked up at a large hardware store (Canadian Tire). These jars came with labels but I preferred to use my own made up on my computer.

A few more suggestions:

1 - If you are on a very restricted budget, purchase one of the ingredients monthly or one of the extra items monthly, by the time next Christmas comes, you'll have everything you need. On months you are really short, purchase one of the lesser priced items. Start in January and by September you'll be ready to start.

2 - Need to raise a bit of money? Try making these and selling them at a garage sale, or local church or community center bazaar, etc. You could easily sell this 'specialized coffee' for $5.00 each.

3 - Change the doily to fit the season. There are always paper doilies available inexpensively. This could also make a nice Easter gift for an adult or even part of a basket for Valentines day. It's also a great addition to a 'care basket' or even a 'get well basket'.

4 - Use material instead of the paper doilies if you wish but this may up the cost per jar and it means cutting the material and hemming it (more work) unless you can find very inexpensive cloth doilies somewhere.

5 - If you crochet you can always crochet little doilies for that special 'personal' touch. These will hot glue to the lid just as well.

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