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I had been on the internet since August 1998. In June 1999 I thought I would take the next step and start a webring. I had no idea what I was doing but as usual, jumped in with both feet. Well, it was the best thing I have ever done on the www.

I had no idea what I was in for but since starting this fast growing webring I have met the most wonderful people there are out there. I am truely blessed. They have greeted me and joined with me and made me feel like a long time friend.

I've made this page to let people know and to show everyone what kind of people there are on the internet. How many good, and caring people there are. I have the best of the best in my webring! And I am proud and honoured that they have picked my webring to belong to.

I received the opening jpg on this page on Tuesday September 14th, 1999 from Patti, one of our webring members. What a wonderful surprise it was. Imagine, a web mistress award! I don't think I've ever seen one before. And look below! Another of our webring members', Cheri made me these wonderful gifs too! She made me the first one on Friday August 13th, 1999 and the one below that about a week later...

Cheri's Creations

Cheri's Creations

I received this fabulous gift below from one of my best friends in real life, Suzy. Suzy is a sheriff and my brother's partner at work. She has a wonderful and informative gardening page on the internet. Click on her gift from me and it will take you there. I received it from her on September 18th, 1999 and she sent a heartwarming email with it claiming it was long overdue.

Susan's Garden Patch

I received this wonderful gift on September 27th, 1999 from Bernie. Thank you so much Bernie for the thought and the gift.

Bernie's Page

I received this wonderful surprise on October 14th, 1999 from Lynn. Thank you Lynn, what a nice surprise this was.

Kat's Page

I received this great gift below from Chris on October 16th, 1999. Thanks Chris and a big bunny hug to ya!

Christina's Homepage

This gift below was sent to me by Shelly as both a gift and an award so it is also on my award page too! Shelly has a very creative imagination when she makes these up as you can see.... Thanks Shell, this was a great surprise! Received October 17th, 1999

Shelly's Fotographics

I received this wonderful surprise in my mail from Cheri. She was one step ahead of me and thank goodness cause otherwise I'd never have gotten anything done for halloween! Thanks again Cheri for coming to my rescue! Received October 16th, 1999
Cheri's creations

This beauty was given to me on a day when I really needed it! *LOL* Kim recognized I was just a "weeeeee bit stressed" this day and sent me this incredible globe. Thank you so much Kim! Kim is a member of my "Gifts from the Heart" webring and it shows you why! This is wonderful. Received on December 4th, 1999 They day I went completely grey!!!!

Webmaster award from Monique

I recieved this lovely gift from Monique on January 16th, 2000. Monique has a wonderful site full of just about everything and she is one of my webring members... :-) Thanks Monique...

Note.. Some of these no longer link to the sites as the websites they originated from are no longer on the net.

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