I have compiled a list here of some of my favourite links of great romantic URL's and ones for friendship also. If you are looking for something special that you did not find here on my site, then it will probably be on one of these terrific pages. These are all one of a kind pages, those special ones that are so hard to find. The ones that a lot of love, thought and devotion went into. All of these have been sent to me by friends and a particular special person in my life. I have had to, in most places, put the main URL to these great pages as I have received many different incredible URL's from the same sites at different times. It was impossible to list all the single pages. For the few single pages I have listed, there is a place on the page that you can click to get to their homepages for more great URL's. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I'm sure you will. I'll be adding more as time goes on...

Oh, one more thing, I have made a note with a * for any pages that have midi's. Most can be turned off (usually at the bottom of the page), those that can't be I've made note of. I realize that these are not everyone's cup of tea and there are even some of us out there in cyberland who have our speakers hooked up to our stereo's. *S*

This page fully updated on January 27th, 2005.

This is a special one to me, made for me May 23rd, 1999 by a friend, please click on it.






"PINK ROSE" * (will not turn off)


"THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER" * (cannot turn off)

For more romantic greetings visit 123greetings.com

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