My Birthday Page!

I would like to thank everyone for making my birthday a great one! A lot of friends even took the time to send me messages, make me gifts, send me cards, emails and greetings. I have made this page as a thank you to them. Below you will find the kind words and gifts that were sent.....
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Happy Birthday from Suzy - 67.7 kbytes
Vickie, I hope this is your best birthday ever, and may all your birthday wishes come true! from Suzuki Suzy

Happy Birthday from Chris - 46.5 kbytes
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!! from Chris

Happy Birthday from Shelly - 170.5 kbytes
Happy Birthday Dear November Baby! I made you a little something, my "Gift from the Heart" to you. from Shelly!

Happy Birthday from Christina - 43.8 kbytes
Made you something with my limited ability and PSP!LOL! from Christina

Happy Birthday from Cheri - 167.6 kbytes
Just wanted to stop in and wish you a HaPpY BiRtHdAy! I hope you had a great time and get what you wish for.Love you lots, Cheri

Happy Belated Birthday Vickie!
Sorry to be late. I hope you had a terrific birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Vickie"
Happy 29th??? Birthday

Happy Birthday from Lynn - 346.5 kbytes
Happy Birthday Vickie.... from Lynn & DKittie!

Happy Birthday from Hayden - 13.7 kbytes
Hoppy Birthday!!! hugs Hayden

Happy Birthday from Christina - 55.8 kbytes
Happy Birthday Vickie... from Christina!

Happy Birthday from Sheri - 52.2 kbytes
Just "Bee-Bopping" in to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope that you new "YouthDay" and that you can celebrate it surrounded with all those that you love. Please accept this gift and know that my best wishes are with you now and always. from Sheri!

There was a young lady named Vickie...
She thought she'd be rather tricky...
So she set up a birthday reminder...
To help everyone find her...
But look at me, I'm still one day behind-er!

Happy Birthday to you Vickie. I hope it WAS great. Love ya' Allie

Happy birthday and may all your days be full of love and happiness. take care..tricia..aka sapphire

Happy Belated Birthday Vickie!
Sorry to be late. I hope you had a terrific birthday!!!

I would like to also thank the following people for sending me wonderful birthday cards in email and over icq.

Suzy & John
Suzuki Suzy (2 cards)
Don & Carol
Michael (card and virtual flowers)
Roar ( 2 cards)

Greetings over ICQ were sent by.....
John (Sully)

Email Greetings from....
Carol Smith

and thank you to everyone! You guys are great!!!!!!!!!! and I love you all! Gee! This makes me look forward to next birthday..... when I turn 25!!!!!!!! *LOL* I sincerely hope I didn't forget anyone, if I did, pleaseeeeee let me know!

*big warm hugs*

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