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This is my page of People and Places. A page of simple links for you to browse through. There are 3 sections. First are friends and family links. Second is links to things to improve your website or answer website questions for you. And third is "Bits and Pieces". Each one will open in it's own browser. Enjoy them.

Below are the names and URL's of some of my friends homepages and a short description of their site. Click on the name to reach their site.
Friend Short Description
Howies Funware Great site! I use Howie's screen saver program and his Family Trax and will probably end up getting more.
Susan's Garden Patch Beginner Gardening Tips and so much more!
30 years of games! If you love computer games and have an addiction to them or are looking for old ones then check out this site of my friend Mark's! Lots of great old memories too :-)
Bobbie's Crumpled Papers An amazing site. MSN Pick of the Day!
Laura's - Lanning Family Homepage Life in the Chihuahua Desert is about just that. The site includes many photographs of plants, animals, people, and places.
Pat's Web Graphics This site is full of some of the most amazing graphics you'll find on the internet. Don't forget to link back to her!
Eva's Place Sentimental Sendables, Midi's and so much more. One of the best on the net... over 1,000,000 visitors!.
Terri's Wise Hearts! Weaving small wisdoms through the fabric of life. A great page to relax and enjoy.

Below are the names and URL's of some of great sites for website help.
Site Short Description if necessary.
Ed's Computer Tech Need to know why your computer is doing something or what that is for? Then check out my friend Ed's site! Exceptional site!
SPINWAVE - GIF and JPG CRUNCHER Minimize the size of your Gif's and Jpg's here! Free!
Topica Do you want people to join a email list for your page updates? Go here and get one!
Freedback Want your own survey? And for it to email back to you? Need the form? Go here and get one!
Sparklit Want your own survey? Need the form? Go here and get one! This place is great and you can add 25 options per poll.
A colour chart Here is a colour chart just in case you want one...
Escati A great counter for your site. Nice looking too and you can also get a clock for your site with the time and date on it here.
Extreme Tracking A great tracker for seeing exactly who was at your site, where they came from, etc.
NONAGS The best place on the net to go for free programs. All are checked for virus and all are no nags. They get over a million hits a day here!
ZDNET Another great place on the net to go for free programs. All are checked for virus and most are rated. Informative news article and virus info too.
CNET.com The 2nd place on the net to go for free programs. Just look for there free downloads listing
Image Magick Studios ImageMagickTM is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats (over 68 major formats)
Bravenet All sorts of website Freebies. You name it, it is there and free. Guestbooks, email list things, add-a-link, etc. etc.
Mail Start Is your outlook express or any email program including webbased email not working. Go here and you can draw it into this place. This is what i.s.p.'s use when having problems. Just type your email and password into the demo. IT'S SAFE!
iboost - All About SPAM We are not talking about the stuff in a can.. this is EMAIL SPAM.. everything you wanted to know.
Remove you" This place is suppose to be able to remove you from all email junk mail lists. I have not tried it but have heard some about it. Up to you.
The Free Site All sorts of website Freebies. Looking for something for your site? You will probably find it here.
Animation Factory Want some cute animated gifs for your site? Go here, they have thousands. Remember, go easy on them on any single page and always give them credit for the ones you use.
Alta Vista The best search engine out there as far as I'm concerned.
Google One of the better search engines.
Ask Jeeves Another search engine..
Durius Java Programming Great Java Scripts for free.
Beginners guide to Java Script Understanding Java Script for Beginners.
Scrub the Web Does your meta tags, free java & cgi perl, etc.
Anfy Java A sensational site!
About.com WebPage Editors - Just don't ask me how to use them. A pretty good list.
WebMonkey Browser Chart Want to know the differences between one browser and the next? Here is where to look. It explains a lot, whether you understand it is another thing. :-)

This is my "Bits & Pieces" section. No less important than the sections above but just don't fit in to either one.
Site Short Description if needed.
Friendship Day Online Friendship Day Cards, e-cards and greetings all available here. Some really nice cards here for many occasions.
The Hunger Site Go to this site and help others that are starving. This is Free and costs you only the time to click on the site!
Debbie Travis's Painted House Great tips for home decorating and around the home by Canada's best!
Canadian Postal Codes Need to find out a postal code in Canada? Here is the place. Plus Canada Post other info.
The Frugal Shopper Packed full of ideas to save money! Coupons and such are only available in the U.S. though :-(
Sugar Free Recipes Great recipes with no sugar in them!
Birds Eye Co. Recipes... from Birds Eye.
The Knowledge Hound Need a little knowledge? We all do, check this one out. Very entertaining.
The Acronym Finder The title says it all!
The Cliche Finder Over 3,300 cliche's
Dictionary A U.S. Dictionary.... I have to find a Canadian one...
One Look Dictionary Another American one... I have to do a search. Yes.. Canadians do spell some things differently.
World Wide Words Exploring the English language
The Symatic Rhyming Dictionary Need to know what rhymes with what? Check this one out!
Toronto Forecast The weather forecast for Toronto. It is in Celcius degrees! We do that differently too.. :-)
Useless Knowledge This is a great site.. chock full of absolutely useless but interesting knowledge.
Ye Old English Sayings Ever wonder "Where did that saying come from?". Well... you can probably find out here.

Graphics & Photo by Vickie

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