"Things You Can Do For The Special Love In Your Life"

Below you will find a list of special, different, little things you can do for the one you love. These things are best done "just because", for no reason but to show them you love them.


Once a week surf the net looking for jokes. When you find good ones print them out and slip them into your loved one's lunch bag. This provides him/her with a laugh during their hectic workday. It also lets them know that you're thinking about them.


Make a small box and in it put as many little paper hearts on it as you can (could be as many as 75) and put on ever yone something different that is special to you two. Like "your song", or the first movie you two saw together, a special evening to remember or just "I Love You" then when the box is full tie it up with a ribbon and leave it somewhere where they'll find it and telling them that whenever they're lonely or just before they go to bed to randomly pick out one of the hearts and read it.


How about this? If your loved one loves chocolate, every night without fail, place a chocolate heart on their pillow and share it together.


On your one year anniversary, do something special for your loved one. Try this.... Go to a craft store (or even a garage sale may have one or flea market) and purchase a bottle with a cork in it. Write your love a lengthy letter reviewing the past year, and expressing your everlasting love for them. Then tie the letter with a ribbon, put it in the bottle, put the cork in tightly, and date it. When you give it to them, they cannot be allowed to open it... they have to wait until the following year.
A year later, as they opens the bottle from the previous year, they will be presented with another message in a bottle. Hopefully, youwill be together long enough so that they will eventually have many, many bottles!! A wonderful collection for a special cabinet or shelves. Another tip is to purchase those pretty ornamental bottles that come in different colours (they are usually made to hold oils and such).


Here is a cute one! All you need is just a box of matches-with matches inside it and a tiny piece of paper. Write down this on that paper "You Are My Light". Then put it inside the match box. Fold the paper neatly or in a nice shape to make the tiny paper fit in. Decorate the matchbox if you want. Give this to your loved one at anytime you wish. It could help you to deepen your love and put a smile on his/her wonderful face!


When you don't have time to take a nice bubble bath with your love, opt for a nice, hot, candlelit shower with incense and music. This is wonderful for mornings and also lifts the mind for the day.


Here is a wonderful short story: When we first started dating, I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for her birthday. She said I could get her anything, even a rock, as long as it was from the heart. So what I did was I found a small rock and for three weeks shaped it into a heart by sanding it and pressing it. On her birthday, I reminded her what she had said about me getting her anything, even a rock. Well, when I gave her the heart-shaped rock, she melted. So if you have the time, this makes a wonderful gift.


Buy your love one of those alarm clock which lets you record a 20 sec. message for him to wake up to! And whenever the mood strikes, change the message. It is the best way to wake up your love, telling them how much you love them and waking up to recorded kisses and sweet words from you.


Make sure that you spend at least five minutes when you first see each other just holding one another and telling the other that you love them. It really makes a person feel good about themselves, the relationship and of course the other person. Brings a smile to my face every time.


Here is an absolutely terrific idea! Get an anti-fog stick and write love notes on the bathroom mirror so when your mate gets out of the shower the message will show up in the steam.


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