Yes, that is me.....
Time to let the cat out of the bag and admit I'm colour blind. So? Well... it is hell on the net at times! lol

Building an internet site when colour blind can make one very frustrated. There are many times I have to yell for someone to check a colour first to let me know if it is what I think it is.

You see, I see a lot of colours differently than people that are not colour blind. Sometimes something looks great to me and then I'll ask someone's opinion and the look on their face tells it all.

I got this little gift from my father's mother. Now, people out there seem to think that this is just a male problem. NOT. Women have it too. My Gram was really bad. It was comical at times. I'm not too bad but the colour green drives me nuts. It all looks like garbage to me. You won't see much green on any of my sites due to this factor. Any greens here were 'authorized' by someone else's eyes. :-)

Bright and dark red's I don't have too much trouble with either but anything in between.... ugh... If it is text, put the bright red on black. lol I also have a lot of difficulty telling different shades of colours. (orange/red/peach/pinks)(blue/turquoise/greens) etc.

Don't ever ask me to shop for something in a specific colour. If I need to match a piece of clothing that is even a simple blue I'll take the piece of clothing with me. Otherwise I'm libel to come home with purple or something else...

It actually can have it's humourous side. While shopping for material for the new sofa my nephew almost fell of the sofa I was buying due to my 'trying to pick out a colour I wanted' from the colour swatches for the material I wanted it covered in. Even the salesman and my mother were laughing at the end. You really have to have a good sense of humour with this at times or it can drive you bananas.

Why am I telling you this? Because, it is not just frustrating at times when building a website but when 'viewing' a website. I have been to many where I literally cannot see the text! lol People use dark backgrounds with dark colour text.. it just doesn't work for a colour blind person. Or those neon colours. They are too bright for me. I find a different site. Shades of the same colours don't work for me on pages either at times. Sometimes they are o.k. but as many times they are not.

You will find 'shades' of colours on my site. I admit, they do look nice to those that can see them better than I. Either I can see them or someone has helped me with them when I ask them to take a look and see if they can see them ok because they are faint to me. Even my main page. The text colour used on the page links on the black background is difficult for me to see myself but I can read it. Just not as easily as the white there or the bright red that says Canada. Thank goodness for Paint Shop Pro where I can just put the eye dropper on a colour and pick it up for backgrounds or move it around a bit for different shades of the same colour :-)

Actually I shouldn't complain. I have a few friends that are legally blind and the net can be a horror for them. Oh, btw, just because you are legally blind doesn't mean you have absolutely no vision. So, do us all a favour folks, don't use that little itty bitty text! Even with a monoscope a blind person cannot see it. And believe it or not, there are a lot of blind people that use the internet..... a whole lot! I have a friend that does outlook express stationary and had her own huge website. Another blind friend of mine has his own shopping mall and business on the net.. etc. etc. You are missing a big audience when you make a site that a large portion of the population cannot see.

Anyway, today the one thing that really prompted me to write this page was another website I couldn't read. I must say there is one thing I'd like to add and have found at some sites that talk of making websites that the colourblind can see.. and I disagree with the remark. There is a remark there that says: Use bright colors to minimize problems for those that have color weakness. I find very bright colours glaringly bright. If there is neon colouring I'll go elsewhere. Now, here is the link..... please take a look!

There are even a tests you can take on the net:
"Ishihara Test for Colour Blindness"
"What is colourblindness?"
It will give you a bit more understanding about Colour Blindness.

By the way, White works for me on this background as well but I made it bold so I could see it better :-)

Hope you found this informative....

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