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First and foremost I would like to thank my friend Matty for generously making my first awards for me. He made the original "Prissy Miss (Daddy) Award", the "Miss Priss Award" and the "Imagination In Flight Award". I have just retired the 2 Miss Priss one's he made and I made a new one. "Miss Priss" is actually me at 4 years of age, and the photo he used for the "Imagination in Flight", I took a several years ago. You can see Matty's page at
"MOURNINSON". Please be sure to drop by his wonderful page and sign his guestbook too!

Would you like to win an award for your homepage?

Well.... look below and see if you would like to win any of my awards. If you would, the process to win them is very simple.
First, read the rules, then look over the awards being given out and pick the one you would like most. Read any notes attached to specific awards! I do not just hand out awards on request like some sites do. Then click on the "Awards Application Page" and fill it out. Simple as that.

Oh, of course there are some rules! But, I'm sure you can follow them. READ THEM THOROUGHLY! I DON'T WAIVER FROM THEM!! If you have something on your page that I have said no to below then do not be surprised if I do not give out an award to you and that you don't hear back from me. Sorry, but I am getting far too many that don't read these rules or think I make exceptions.

Seems some people don't read well or choose to ignore the rules. If you blatantly ignore them your application will not be responded to. I'm tired of telling people no commercial sites, no sites that sell things and such and still getting applications. And especially those that don't sign the guestbook as required. Sorry for all the rules but some people just seem to like to push their luck and apply anyway so I am making sure everything is spelled right out.

1) NO ADULT PAGES, banners or links to them.

2) NO FOUL LANGUAGE (use of the odd ***'s is ok)

3) Your site must be a "FAMILY FRIENDLY" site.

4) Sites must be in ENGLISH.

5) Nothing prejedicial, deflamatory or discriminating.

6) NO sites offering any kind of "medical" advice. (included diets, herbals, etc. I cannot be responsible for people clicking to a site that can do them harm. This info should be dispensed by doctors or licensed naturopaths and on an individual basis.)

7) Not too many typos (no one is perfect) and most links work.

8) N0 PROFESSIONAL OR BUSINESS/COMMERCIAL sites. This includes the selling of animals of any kind. I will not basically 'endorse' someone that is selling animals that I do not know. I have no idea how they actually care for or breed their animals so I won't do it. *NOTE* I do now have an award concerning chins but be forwarned, there is an explicit disclaimer on it.

9) Not a page of just links, we need some text here everyone!

10) Midi's... I would prefer to have a place there that I can turn them off. Not really necessary but there are people out here that have their stereo speakers hooked up instead of those little puter ones!!! Woooo loud and sometimes the music on the net isn't everyones cup of tea. *LOL*

11) AND IF YOU ARE JUST LEARNING APPLY ANYWAY!!! I have no problem with going to 'beginners' sites and even have an award for them.

12) When you win an award it is expected to be up and linked back to me within two weeks of me responding to your award request. Do not tamper with the size of it.

13) You must sign my guestbook. Some don't think that is appropriate but since I am giving something and spending time on your site, I don't think it is much to ask that you do also.

14) Up until Feb, 2000 I didn't give awards to religious sites. This includes all religions, organized/recognized or not. This is simply because there are too many religions out there and I don't want any of my visitors offended by clicking on something that is not their faith. Plain and simple. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs whether others may agree with it or not. I have no problem if you have a separate page with your faith on it, then it is an option to click on your faith pages. If it is on your main page or if there are multiple pages of religion on your site you will only receive my new "Award of Spirituality" regardless of what award you request. If this is not what you want then please do not apply because I will not waiver from this. These award winners will also be on a different page from the others so if someone wishes to click on a religious site they know where to find them.

15) I have the right to deny any award or if I think another is appropriate I will give it instead. (i.e. someone requesting the Best of the Web or excellence award when there is little on their site, it's an obvious beginners site, etc.)
Now..... that wasn't too difficult was it???
I know it seems like a lot of rules but you would not believe what I get award requests for and some people simply think regardless of the obvious they will apply anyway and demand an award. It has become blatantly clear that I must literally spell out things for some people, hence, all the rules. If you are looking for a site that simply gives an award for the asking then you are looking at the wrong website. It really isn't that difficult to win one of my awards but in the same respect, I don't just give them out for the asking either.

Ok.. Ok... here are the awards!

(these are all done with pics I've taken... all rights reserved)

Miss Priss Award
"Miss Priss Award"

Imagination in Flight Award
"Imagination in Flight Award"

I_want's Award of Excellence
"Award Of Excellence"
One of my tougher ones to win...

I_want's Fluff Award
"Fluff Award"
(It's a Chinchilla people! Like her earring?)

I_want's Chin Site Award
Chin Site Award
This award is specifically for sites that do sell chinchilla's. This is an award for content only as it says. I don't endorse/vouch for any sales/purchases, the care or breeding of animals, etc. made on these sites. There are no options when it comes to this award. If you sell then this is the award you get. I can't vouch for people I do not know.

Award of Beauty
"Award of Beauty"

I_want's Sensational Canadian Site Award
"The Sensational Canadian Site Award"

I_want's Wings of Inspiration Award
"The Wings of Inspiration Award" - THIS AWARD CANNOT BE APPLIED FOR, IT MUST BE GIVEN BY ME. This award is special and for those sites that deal with medical or disability issues or who provide inspiration to others through community/charity volunteer work or challenges. This is not an easy award to win. I do not give it out on a regular basis. I also do not give it out to religious sites or sites that teach html, etc. This is for very special sites, unique people. If you apply for another award and I feel you should have this one, I will give it to you.

I_want's Little Ray of Sunshine Award
"Sunshine Award" for a bright, sunny page that brings smiles to all.

I_want's 2001 Best of the Web Award
"Best of the Web Award 2003"
This is my hardest award to win, your site must be one of the best on the web that I have seen. Go ahead and apply but your site needs to knock my socks off to get this award. This does not mean by using flash and different effects... it means content, effort and interesting!

I_want's This Page takes the Cake Award
"For the page with Everything!"

I_want's Budding Young Adult Award
"A special award for young adults with great pages!"

Award of Orginality
"Award of Originality"

Great Beginnings Award
"Great Beginnings Award"

Unique Site Award
"Unique Site Award"

One Of A Kind Award
"One Of A Kind Award"

Spirituality Award
"Spirituality Award"
See Rules above (#13)

That's all there is...(whew!) now it is up to you! Go ahead! Fill out your "Award Application"now!

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